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Give something really precious to your loved ones. GOLD offers many unique gold gift ideas and a selection of gifts in gold.

One of this idea is the idea about Gold Plated Rose. A real long-stemmed rose, plated with pure gold. Perfect as a unique gift or gorgeous gold home decoration! 

The Gold Dipped Roses is a real long-stemmed rose, plated with pure gold. Perfect as a unique gift or gorgeous gold home decoration! Each of these gorgeous gold roses is one of a kind, made by hand from real long-stemmed roses! These beautiful gifts are created from living flowers, which are first copper and nickel plated to give stability and permanence. The natural shape of the individual petals and leaves of the rose are retained, and the organic material can be removed. The final step is to gild in pure gold, creating this unique and attractive product.

Roses are a symbol of romantic promise, hope, and new beginnings. A single rose can symbolize love, gratitude, or even “I’m sorry”. A bouquet of a dozen roses says “I love you” with extravagance and joy. For Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion which calls for flowers, a gift of these long-stemmed gold roses adds beauty and permanence to the underlying message of love and heartfelt sentiment. An iconic symbol of devotion and eternal love that will endure a lifetime. A unique and outstanding presentation of the world’s most recognizable token of love. These roses are forever preserved. Looking for a truly unique gift this holiday season? Give a gold dipped rose to symbolize your everlasting love. These roses are hand-picked at the peak of their beauty and dipped in 24k gold and vibrantly colored lacquer. Get a single one for someone special or even a whole bouquet.  For Mother’s Day this year, why not consider a gift of roses which will last forever? These flowers are the perfect present for Mom, a gift your mother will cherish long after a living bouquet of flowers is gone. If you are stuck and don’t know what to get for Mom, this unique 30-50 cm gold plated long-stemmed rose is perfect, delivered in a gift box to your door. Appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of these roses. The best roses made in Germany. But some of the roses we have from the USA, from Canada, and From Australia. You can buy “the same” roses on Aliexpress or E-Bay, but simply watch video on this page before buy and after you will decide. Germany made roses truly passed more than 60 steps to prepare a covered three metals with outstanding technology, in the USA, Canada, and Australia not so complicated.  Some steps of the technology process all firms keeping in secret. Simply all of the producers follow approximately 50-60 steps. Each petal is plated individually to produce a rose of extremely high detail. This rose has the absolute finest detail that you will find anywhere in the World. Normally, they grow real roses in a nursery that we run ourselves and then plate them in precious metals under precise measures to achieve a perfect finish. More or less prioritize quality, which they work to maintain at an exceptionally high level from the very first step. First, they vigilantly monitor the growth of our roses in the nursery and carefully select them when they are ready for the preservation process to begin.

Second, must apply a clear coat to the entire rose which helps it maintain its overall shape in preparation for the next steps. Next, must be applied several coats of pure copper to the rose which helps to maintain the overall texture of the flower, and allows the precious metals to adhere perfectly to the surface. Very thin coats of pure copper are applied, with a detailed inspection occurring after each coat. Once all coats of copper have been applied, and each coat is diligently inspected, the rose is ready for the application of precious metal. But in Germany, they apply an added several coats of nickel. Any rose that does not pass inspection at any stage of the coating is not used. The layers of precious metals are applied in the same fashion as the nickel and copper, with several thin layers being applied over an extended period of time. The rose continues to be inspected after each application, and if any imperfections are detected, the rose is discarded. Then in Germany, they removed organic material from inside. In order for a rose to pass final inspection, it must hold its shape, provide its natural and intricate detailing, and have a flawless finish. All process is so thorough that it can easily take several months from the time the rose is picked from the nursery to the time that it is finally ready for sale. Several words about how the gold take several colors.  White gold and rose gold comprise different gold alloys. They are each simply gold with other various metals added to them to change their color. In the first instance, the purity of gold is measured in karats. One karat is equal to 1/24 gold. 9 karat gold, therefore, comprises 9/24 (37.5%) gold, while 18 karat gold comprises 18/24 (75%) gold. By definition, therefore, 100% pure gold is 24 karat gold. Palladium or nickel, when mixed with gold, creates 18k white gold. 9k white gold usually contains 62.5% silver.9k white gold appears ‘whiter’ than 18k or 14k white gold because more gold (which is yellow) is contained in 14k and 18k white gold. Therefore it is not uncommon for one to see a 14k or 18k white gold product as displaying more tinges of yellow than 9k white gold. Rose gold is created by mixing gold with a copper since copper is reddish in color. Rose gold can also differ a lot in color, which depends on the amount of copper that is mixed with the gold. The higher the content of copper, the more reddish the finished product is. Due to the fact that both white gold and rose gold must have gold that is combined with other various metals to achieve their respective colors, it is impossible to achieve 100% white gold or rose gold. Properties of gold vary depending on the types of metals and quantities that are added to the mixture, which are designed for different purposes. For example, when nickel is mixed with gold, it becomes very hard which makes it ideal for making brooch pins and rings. If softer metals like palladium are mixed with gold, this is ideal when a more pliable gold alloy is required. Some unusual gold alloys contain indium, aluminum, and cadmium, which produce blue, purple and green gold respectively. Despite the fact that these are rare, they actually exist. There is also red gold which is customary in the Middle East region. This is a gold alloy containing a very high copper content. With roses, the final product is one that looks like a real rose but is covered in a brilliant sheen. It does not corrode or lose its shape over time. It is designed to last indefinitely, and will likely still look brand new even after decades, or even centuries, have passed.

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What kind of roses we offer for you is below. Different prices – different technologies and different the precious metals inside all product. Normally gold impossible to be very cheap at all. Gold is gold.

The best roses made by Germany how they do it you can see on the video below:

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Real Long-Stemmed Gold Plated Rose 40 cm (16″)

DISCLAIMER: This product from Germany is taxable for Canadian Residents. 

About Degussa Goldhandel GmbHDegussa Goldhandel GmbH is an established precious metals company headquartered in Frankfurt. Although the Degussa trademark was only registered in 1980, its roots go as far back as 1843 as a gold and silver separation factory established by Friedrich Ernst Roessler. In 1873, several banks and the Roessler family incorporated Deutsche Gold- und Silber-Scheideanstalt vormals Roessler in order to secure its operations to refine large amounts of coins for the newly establish German empire. Today, as a continuation of its commitment to the traditional trade of precious metals, Degussa offers a range of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars manufactured to the highest standards by LBMA recognized refiners Argor-Heraeus SA and Valcambi SA through various retail outlets around the world.

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  Real 18K Rose-Gold Plated Rose 30 cm (12″)
DISCLAIMER: This product from Germany is taxable for Canadian Residents. 
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Are the products as delicate as they look? Under normal circumstances, the answer is no. The precious metals that are used are very resilient. As such, they are usually able to withstand shipping and normal handling for display purposes. The products are even able to handle being accidentally dropped from a height of a few feet. If they land on carpet or another soft surface, there should not be any damage. The damage should be minimal if they land on a harder surface, although it is not out of the ordinary to see some scarring on the surface. But manufacturers to create the best products for our customers’ needs. You can read more about gold-dipped roses here:

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Real Long-Stemmed Silver Plated Rose 40 cm (16″)

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DISCLAIMER: This product from Germany is taxable for Canadian Residents. 

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A genuine silver long-stemmed rose, plated with both silver and rhodium (a rarer precious metal than even silver). Perfect as a home decoration or a unique present for someone special! Made by hand from real long-stemmed roses, each of these gorgeous silver roses is one of a kind!  Each silver plated long-stemmed rose is delivered in a paperboard gift box. Get your Real Long Stemmed Silver Plated Rose today!

Little bit another rose here below:

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